Makin' Bacon Ranch

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Welcome to the Makin' Bacon Ranch Home Page

Makin’ Bacon is a family owned and run business that was founded in June of 2005  by the McPherson family, in the small town of Irrigon, Oregon. The McPherson's have been providing the surrounding area with quality pork ever since. Believe it or not,
Makin’ Bacon Ranch actually began as an FFA project, as the two eldest daughters began to raise swine for their chapter project, and eventually grew into the ranch it is today. We here at Makin’ Bacon Ranch firmly believe that you, the consumer, deserve nothing but the best pork at an affordable price, so we strive to raise to best pork your taste buds have ever encountered and at a price that won’t have you crying later!

Makin’ Bacon Ranch is a
small business, making
sure that each animal has
the attention it deserves to eventually become the best tasting pork it can be. We currently have four sows, all hand chosen for their superior conformation and traits. Three sows were actually sired by a Champion Conformation boar right here at the ranch, so you know you are getting the ultimate pig for your money. We offer organic or all natural pork, for the health lover in you!  We litter twice a year, around January and August, so just call or email for more information. We will be happy to hear from you!
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